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GrassRoots Community Network | 2020-11-11

Dan Glidden - US Navy - Vietman War (1968-1972): Roaring Fork Veterans History Project

Dan Glidden - US Navy - Vietman War (1968-1972) interviewed by Willard Clapper on 3.17.07 at the GrassRoots Community Network studio in Aspen, Colorado ...


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The Power of Nutrition: Chronic Disease, COVID-19 and Your Health


Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in our country. Director of the OHSU Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, ...

Podcast 225: How trauma causes inflammation & how to begin healing


In Western thought, we see mental and physical health as two separate things, but this is not the case. Our thoughts and emotions, choice, life events, trauma ...

The Most Common Underlying Causes of Acne


Our skin is a reflection of what's going on with our health beneath the surface. Acne and other skin problems are signals that something is off in our body.

The Art of Living Episode 89 | Dr. Joel Kahn | Whole Food Plant Based...How and Why


To listen to the full episode with Dr. Joel Kahn, M.D. click here - ...

11:00 Sunday Morning Live-Stream 11/01/20


Our 11am worship service at Northgate Church in Pittsburgh, PA on October 25th, 2020. This service includes a baby dedication, worship music led by David ...

2020 ODP Early-Stage Investigator Lecture - Dr. Julia Marcus


The ODP Early-Stage Investigator Award recognizes early-stage career scientists who have already made significant contributions to prevention research.

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